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Read Bill Belichick’s nuanced explanation on quarterback mechanics

August 12th, 2017 at 2:03 PM
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Following the Patriots’ first preseason game, third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett told reporters that he needed to “go back to [his] mechanics” after a couple of his incompletions sailed high. When asked the next day how he tinkers with a player’s individual idiosyncrasies while still enforcing the fundamentals, head coach Bill Belichick had an in-depth response:

Well, I think that’s a good question, Phil [Perry]. I think anytime that you look at an individual skill such as passing, kicking, punting, a golf swing, something like that, that each personâ??their physically ability is a little bit different.

Their mechanics may have some variation and so there are a lot of different, I would say, styles. You look at the golf tourâ??not every swing is exactly the same, but all of those guys are pretty good. I think what you try to teach in that situationâ??and I’ve talked to people who coach those specific skills like that and when I was the special teams coach and coached punters and kickersâ??is that there are certain fundamentals that are inherent and good in good passes, good kicks, good punts. The way that the ball is released, and the angle and the spin on the ball, and the delivery, and so forth.

The same thing is true, as I said, in golf or punting or place kicking. I think you try to teach the players the basic fundamentals and if they can adjust their mechanics in a way to improve and still feel comfortable with it, then we try to do that. And if it’s an adjustment that they’re really not comfortable making for whatever …

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