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Film Review: Patriots rookie TE Jacob Hollister shows incredible toughness, athleticism in first preseason game

August 12th, 2017 at 5:35 AM
By Sports Media 101

With 9:30 left in the second quarter on a 3rd and 6, Jimmy Garoppolo held onto the football and waited for New England Patriots rookie TE Jacob Hollister to get open. Hollister crossed the field behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties with plenty of room to run. Garoppolo pump faked and stepped up in the pocket before unleashing a laser of a pass.

The pass fell incomplete, just beyond the outreached hand of Hollister. Garoppolo expected Hollister to continue across the field. Hollister stopped his route to try and sit in an open zone and was unable to start running again to reach the intended target location.

That could have been a low point for the rookie tight end, but it became a turning point. Hollister reeled in his next 6 targets for 115 yards as he put on a show for the Patriots front office (he also drew an additional 24 yards of penalty yardage from the Jaguars defenders).

“I was just trying to do my job tonight and just a product of the coaches getting me ready and feeling good,” Hollister said after the game. “Everybody did their job for most of the night. Still made a lot of mistakes, but looking forward to getting better.”

“I definitely was having butterflies, but after getting through the first couple of plays I started getting into a rhythm and started feeling good,” Hollister added.

Hollister was more than “good” as he finished the game as Pro Football Focus’ highest graded player and his 54 snaps ranked third for the Patriots offense and finished the day with 7 receptions for 116 yards.

The first few receptions came at the expense of Hollister’s body as he was on the receiving end of a few painful blows- but he found a way to hold on to the ball.

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