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AFC Playoff Picture Through Week 12

November 26th, 2012 at 7:00 AM
By Spencer Frenchman

If the season ended today the Texans and Ravens would get first round byes with the Patriots and Broncos rounding out the other two division winners.

Current AFC Playoff Picture

1. Texans (10-1)

2. Ravens (9-2)

3. Patriots (8-3)

4. Broncos (8-3)

5 Colts (7-4)

6. Steelers (6-5)

In the hunt: Bengals (6-5), Dolphins (5-6)

The Patriots remaining fives games are against the Dolphins in Miami followed by the Texans and then the 49ers at home, the Jaguars in Jacksonville, and finally the Dolphins at home.  

The Patriots, barring multiple losses to the Dolphins, have all but locked up the AFC East securing themselves a home playoff game.  

However, in order to get a first round bye the Patriots will need help.  The Texans hold a two game lead over the Patriots but have to play them at Gillette stadium in December.  The Ravens have a one game lead but also hold the tiebreaker having beaten the Patriots head to head 31-30 in week three.  Thus, even if the Patriots win out they will either need Baltimore to slip up and lose twice or Houston to suffer an additional defeat in order to receive a first round bye. 

The Texans have four games remaining against teams with winning records.  They include the Dec. 16th matchup with the Patriots, two against the Colts, and a home game against the Vikings. 

The Ravens have a very tough schedule down the stretch as they play four teams with records of .500 or better including the Steelers, Broncos, Giants, and Bengals as well as a Redskins team (5-6) that is very much alive in the playoff hunt.

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